APPI Free ebook of the Month for December

The PDF file is only available for download for the month of December.

Every month PsychiatryOnline, a CalSouthern Library database provides a free electronic book.

December brings Clinical Manual of Psychosomatic Medicine, Second Edition edited by Kemuel L. Philbrick, M.D., James R. Rundell, M.D., Pamela J. Netzel, M.D., and James L. Levenson, M.D.

The Clinical Manual of Psychosomatic Medicine, both educates psychiatrists and mental health professionals practicing in hospital settings about the relationship between physiological processes and psychological and behavioral factors and arms them with the evidence they need to inform hospital administrators about the value of the services they render.

Specifically, this new edition:

  • Expands the first edition’s content to encompass more than two dozen topics most commonly encountered by residents and staff psychiatrists.
  • Provides concise information on psychiatric conditions — such as delirium, depression, and dementia — that can interfere with medical care if not addressed.
  • Offers a revised format of bulleted lists that maximizes accessibility of critical information so that clinicians can readily locate the required material.
  • Emphasizes the core competencies adopted for the subspecialty of psychosomatic medicine (recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties since 2003) to provide a benchmark for skill development across training programs and academic departments.
  • Reflects the way care is most often delivered — by a multidisciplinary team providing evidence-based, individualized treatment focused on either the clinical condition (e.g., obesity) or the treatment setting (e.g., primary care). This emphasis on integrated care contextualizes the information presented in a useful, real-world manner.

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